Your Comprehensive Guide to Steel

Steel is the most preferred material in construction, medical equipment, machines, tools, ships, roads and more. Most likely, even the phone or laptop you’re using is produced by machines made from steel blended with other properties. Read on to understand about steel as described in the video.

Steel is grouped into grades for easy identification. It is categorized into; alloy, carbon, tool and stainless steel.

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Carbon steel is the most common and contains some amount of carbon and iron elements, unlike alloy steel which consists of copper, chromium, aluminum, and nickel.

Alloy steel is stronger, ductile, and corrosion-resistant. However, tool steels contain elements such as tungsten, cobalt, molybdenum, and vanadium, which increase their heat resistance and durability, making them excellent for cutting and drilling equipment.

Stainless steel is valued for its high corrosion and temperature resistance. Most stainless steel materials can be found by a manufacturer or a stainless steel supplier and can be used in thousands of applications including transport, domestic, oil, gas, water, medical, and food.

Finally, you can buy steel materials from a manufacturer or a stainless steel supplier who can also help in deciding the type of steel suitable for your project. A stainless steel supplier can also offer suggestions of the available steel grades, their uses, cost, rust resistance features, and load-bearing capacity.



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